• We believe that parents, team Trimiti and school are three most important partners to help a child get best out of growing years.
  • We always aim to work together with all stakeholders for a  common goal – “child first”
  • We facilitate scientific, empathetic and culturally appropriate solutions.

Team Trimiti

Dr Bhooshan Shukla

MD ( Psychiatry), DNB (Psychiatry), MRCPsych (London),

Medical Diploma in Hypnosis (UK), EMDR Therapist (EU)

Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Parenting Coach


Ms Puja Modi

Ms Puja Modi

MA ( Clinical Psychology)

  • Child Psychologist

Puja looks after all psychological assessments and counseling of selected children

Ms Chaitali Apte

Ms Chaitali Apte

MS ( Speech – Language Pathology)

  • Speech – Language Pathologist and Therapist

Chaitali does assessments and therapy for problems in speech, language and communication. Parent training is an important aspect of her work.

Ms Sangeeta Karmarkar

M Sc (Occupational Therapy),  MA (Counseling Psychology)

  • Pediatric Occupational Therapist
  • Special Educator for children with Specific Learning Disabilities

Sangeeta is trained in India and the UK in Pediatric Occupational Therapy.

With work experience of over 27 years, Sangeeta conducts Occupational Therapy sessions for all types of childhood neurodevelopmental delays and disorders: gross and fine motor problems, visual-motor co-ordination difficulties, sensory-motor and perceptual motor difficulties.

She also brings in extensive work and experience in the field of learning disabilities, attention deficit and hyperactivity, physical and mental retardation, autism.

Ms Ashwini Patil

Ms Ashwini Patil

MA ( Clinical Psychology)

PGCC ( MIMH, Pune)

  • Behavior Therapist & Social Skills Trainer

Ms Latika Chougule

Ms Latika Chougule

MA ( Clinical Psychology), PGCC ( MIMH, Pune)

  • Certified Counsellor and Psychotherapist (for Adults)

Ms Veena Singh

Ms Veena Singh

B.ED, MSc, PGPD-MR and Diploma in Sp Ed – Autism

  • ABA Therapist
  • Special Educator

Veena has 10 years of experience of helping children with various special needs, mainly Intellectual Disability and Autism. She works with children’s educational needs and behavioral difficulties with ABA techniques.


A wide range of services are available for children and their families at Trimiti Clinic –

  • Consultation and Advice to Parents of troubled children
  • Psychological Assessments for developmental, emotional, behavioral and academic difficulties
  • Psychological counseling for children with behavioral, emotional and relationship difficulties
  • Liaison work with school to facilitate remediation, special help and concessions for children with special needs
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Behavior Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Remedial Teaching
  • Special Education
  • Social Skills Training
  • Counseling for Adults

Resources for Parents

Internet is a confusing place. There is so much information available that it is easy to lose track and be misled.

Here I have made a list of few websites, resources that give scientifically correct information and are from reliable sources.

  • Hyperactive kids –

How does hyperactivity look in real life?

ADHD resource center

  • Autism –

information for parents

Basic information about autism

Free Android App by National Institute for Health –

  • Learning Difficulties ( Dyslexia, etc )

information for parents

Maharashtra Dyslexia Association


  • Lots of useful information about children’s mental health –

about parents and young people

Facts for Families – American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Good Parenting Habits


  • Information about Alternative and Complementary Medicine –

Information on alternative medicines 

more information about alternative medicine


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